Play Sessions

In each session, children are free to explore and try out any wall or equipment.

Our instructors will also be roving around and ensure everyone's safety.

To encourage kids to climb more, we have a mission card for every child with their name written on it. And when they complete all the mission (climb the wall), they will get a mystery prize. 

AR Wall

What happens when we merge climbing with technology? An exhilarating and addictive game. Kind of like a video game that actually forces you to move. See the white dots on the photo, those are projected images (Augmented Reality). When the kids climb up the wall to touch them, it will be highlighted and record the total time taken to tap all the dots.

High Wall

This 4m High Wall challenges the kids to work through their fears and be confident even when going against the most persistent force of nature, Gravity. It is made to be high enough to challenge the kids yet not so high that it intimidates the little ones. 

Number Wall

This is clearly the favourite wall, especially for the younger ones. Spin for a random number and climb up to tap on the corresponding number on the wall. 

Obstacle Wall

As the name suggest, there will be obstacles on the wall to challenge the agility, hand-eye coordination, creativity, and problem solving skills of the child. Hula Hoops and poles will block the way, bringing out their inner ninja to overcome the obstacles.  

Hangout Zone

A little variety to keep things interesting for the kids. Other than climbing walls, we give kids more ways to move their body and have fun.

Wheelie Zone

Climbing is not all brute strength. Ask any climbers and they will tell you the importance of balance and coordination. It starts from young and we made it super fun. Come and race each other on our Coordination Race.

Ready to play?

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