Climbing Class
[18mths - 12 years old]

(It's more than just climbing...)

Brain Development

Exercises like climbing are proven to boost brain development, improve concentration, working memory and increase their attention span. Also a great way to learn problem solving.

Character Building 

Build their Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem through climbing. Learn to deal with setbacks and build up resilience. Develop social skills by working as a team with peers. 

Motor Development

Give them a full-body workout and expend their energy in a positive way while honing their psychomotor skills at the same time. Improve agility, strength, coordination, and more.

Class Program

At My Little Climbing Room, we focus on developing the child's character and mental strength. We believe that a confident, resilient, and focused child would be ready to take on any challenges they face. 

In our kids climbing classes, we use climbing as a tool to impart such skills in a fun and engaging way. On top of climbing, we have various group activities to keep things interesting. 

The desired outcome is to develop a child who is independent, focused, confident, is resilient in the face of obstacles, and is open to try out new things. The child will have great social skills and knows how to work as a team

Along the way, they pick up basic climbing techniques and learn to climb more confidently, increasing their confidence to climb, creating a positive upwards loop. 

Climbing has been one of the thing I like my girl to learn as part of her growing up as I believe it will build her confidence as well as patience in this sport. She has improved a lot in term of climbing techniques, ability to listen / follow instructions and her self-confidence. I credit this to the coaches. The creative warm up games, post climbing warm down routines and not forgetting the stickers were fun and engaging to me and definitely to the children. The coaches also ingrained the "I think I can" mindset into my girl and I can see her encouraging herself in other activities like piano when she hits a bumper. I hope my girl will continue to learn and excel with the coaches and becomes a patient confident cheerful individual.

Mr. Pua

Child Age: 5


Class Progression

As the children progress, they will move up into a more advanced class.

Little Waddler is a parent accompanied class for children between 18 months to 3 years old. An introductory class to climbing for the very young ones. 

Little Tots is a parent accompanied class for children below 4 years old. It's a great way for the little ones to get started in climbing and build up their gross motor skills during this crucial developmental window.

Little Discoverer is drop-off class for children between 4- 6 years old and above. This class introduces basic climbing technique with age appropriate activities to engage the children.

Little Explorer is a drop-off class for children 6 years old and above. This class is suitable for children who are more independent and has developed an interest in climbing. They will get to learn basic climbing techniques, and develop their mental strength through practice.

Class Package

Class Duration - 60 mins

Fee Structure:

10 Classes - $388.80

20 Classes - $712.80

4Classes $1339.20

Attire (T-Shirt & Grip Socks) - $20

Registration Fee (One Time) - $50


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