2 Year Anniversary Special Event

2 Year Anniversary event poster

Program Flow

  • Check In >>
  • Training Zone (30 mins)
  • Mountain Zone (30 MINS)
  • Forest Zone (30 MINS)
  • Proceed to #B1-101
  • Register and collect costumes
  • Wait for fellow pirates' arrival
  • Adventure Begins

What's Different?


Anniversary Event

Regular Play Session


90 minutes

90 minutes


Every 30 minutes. Separated by age

Every 2 hours.

Mixed age

Max capacity per session

5 or 6 children. Depending on age group

15 children



$22 for children 3yo and above. $11 for children below 3 years old


Facilitated and guided throughout by our instructor with a structured program

Free-play where kids can roam around


Pirate Themed Adventure

3 stations. Training zone, Mountain zone and Forest zone. 

Free and Easy

Role of Instructors

To engage the children

To guide and encourage the children to climb

To teach basic climbing techniques

To supervise and ensure safety

To supervise and ensure general safety


What is this event about?

When is the event?

Where is the event held?

What is the difference between our Anniversary Event and regular play session?

Do I need to accompany my child?

I’m interested in the program! How do I sign up?

I have a multipass, can I use my Multipass to pay?

Can I do a walk in instead?

I got two children who are 3yo and 8yo. Can I put them in the same session?

Can adults climb as well?

What is the attire for the event?

Do we have to reach early during the event?

My booking is at 10am, what if I arrive at 10:15? Will I be given time extension?

My child’s session ends at 1130am but I can only come back and pick up my child at 1145am, is it okay if I leave my child with you?

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